Meet Me

Hello All!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Nichole Hodge and I am a wife, mother, CEO and now, published author. Life was relatively comfortable until 2007 when I came face to face with the impact of child sexual abuse and knew that I could no longer remain silent. I recently released my first book, “Eliminating Child Predators: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Our Children”. I hope you will purchase this book and share all the knowledge it contains to keep the your children and the children you come in contact with safe.

Visit my website, to learn more about me and my projects.

Keep the Faith!


3 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. I look forward in reading your book Nikki, just from the little i read on-line I know I will learn a lot. I do believe that some people and acts are PURE evil and with this type of evil something other than what has been happening needs to be done. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to the world and i pray parents are not in denial of what is going on in our world today and get this book if it will make the laws and punishment one that will do to the predator what they did to the child. They should experience having what they did to these children done to them every waking second of every day they are allowed to stay on this earth.

    • Kathy you are so right! The key is really for parents not to be in denial and not keep their heads in the sand. It’s not a comfortable subject, but it’s necessary. This type of abuse is totally preventable-but we need action not the status quo. Thanks for your comment and the support!

  2. I am someone who know Nichole Well and I support her efforts to expose child predictors It was and is a blessing that Nichole was not abused in that way she had good support around her in her younger years. So God will continue too bless you and your family.

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